Avira Securithon

24 hours to hack the unwanted applications
from software bundles

14-15 November 2015

What's in the bundle

Avira, a top security player, is challenging passionate developers to hack away the potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) from software bundles.

Apply your ideas

If you get your best ideas in the shower but never have time to implement them, the Avira 24-Hour Securithon (14-15 November) gives you the chance to meet developers like you and hack together.

Team work

If you are a computer science student in your final year or a developer already working overtime on others’ ideas, if you don’t have the time for your own ideas and have an entrepreneurial mindset, come to the Avira Securithon! You’ll meet people as enthusiastic as you are, working on teams of up to 4 members.

The problem we aim to solve:
'Dirty' software bundles

Help users take back control of their PCs

Installer bundles often package more components than expected; some of them may install silently, others may come as opt-outs.

What can you do to help users to avoid installing these additional components, notify them about potentially unwanted components (before or after their installation), or totally get rid of the unwanted components?

For 24 hours: coding, networking, fun and EUR 2700 in cash

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