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Interested in browser safety?

Avira has just launched the new Avira Browser Safety extension for Firefox and Chrome!
It’s FREE, highly discreet and most importantly, it blocks infected websites before they load.

Get Browser Safety now.

Would you prefer the Avira SearchFree Toolbar? Then please read on!

Make the most of the web – safely!

The Avira SearchFree Toolbar upgrades your free virus scanner to WebGuard protected browsing and search. Do you ever click on questionable-looking links? Install the toolbar and there’s no mystery. WebGuard helps you steer clear of harm on the internet!

No matter where the web takes you, the toolbar puts the answers at your fingertips. Type any topic into the search box and get moving in the right direction. Click with confidence: you are behind Avira’s solid barrier against phishing and spyware.

Avira SearchFree Toolbar integrated in Mozilla FireFox

The Avira SearchFree Toolbar boosts your surfing experience with powerful search and WebGuard protection…leaving plenty of window space to view websites.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista or XP
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • Firefox version 3.0 or higher

Intelligent Search

  • The Avira SearchFree Toolbar brings convenient search functionality to your browser window, saving you the interruption of navigating to a search engine site.
  • Find it fast: powerful search technology delivers optimized, appropriate results based on your keywords.
  • Protected search: malicious sites won’t be allowed to stand between you and the information you need.

The only Web Toolbar with Avira Protection—FREE!

  • The toolbar upgrades your Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus scanner to include the AntiVir WebGuard feature normally reserved for paid products.
  • Take the guesswork out of avoiding the adware, spyware and phishing that invade your privacy and slow down your machine. Equipping your browser with the Avira SearchFree Toolbar means you’ll never again wonder if a website is trustworthy.

    Blocked attempt to access a malicious site
  • Keep your security current. The toolbar’s status indicator provides real-time confirmation that WebGuard is activated and that your Avira software is up-to-date.

    Status - disabled:
    Avira SearchFree Toolbar - WebGuard is deactivated

    Status - update needed:
    Avira SearchFree Toolbar - Update Avira

    Status - updating:
    Avira SearchFree Toolbar - Updating

    Status - up-to-date:
    Avira SearchFree Toolbar - Up to date


How do I install the Avira SearchFree Toolbar?

The easiest way is to click the Install Now button in the window that will slide up from your System Tray. Click here for details.
If you do not see the prompt, you can always install it yourself later. You can find complete, illustrated instructions here.

Can I add the Avira SearchFree Toolbar if I already have another toolbar installed?

Yes, in most cases it is possible to have more than one toolbar installed in your browser. Bear in mind that having another toolbar reduces the amount of space available to view sites. Unexpected compatibility issues between toolbars may also affect the performance of your browser.

Does the toolbar include a pop-up blocker?

No, most installations of Internet Explorer and Firefox are already equipped with pop-up blocking, so it was not necessary to include this functionality in our toolbar.

Why did Avira choose to include the Ask.com’s toolbar in Service Pack 2?

Avira’s new SearchFree Toolbar upgrades your free virus scanner to include WebGuard protected browsing and search, which prevents drive-by downloads and other infections picked up from hacked websites. No matter where the web takes you, any search typed into the SearchFree Toolbar is protected by Avira’s WebGuard defences against phishing and spyware.

Avira chose Ask.com to be our partner in bringing you the SearchFree Toolbar because Ask.com is one of many vendors whose products offer functionality which we believe our users will value:

  • The toolbar upgrades your Avira Personal Free AntiVirus product to include the AntiVir WebGuard component which is normally available only for the paid products.
  • Keep your security current. The toolbar’s status indicator provides real-time confirmation that WebGuard is activated and that your Avira software is up-to-date.

I’ve heard that some toolbars contain malware. Shouldn’t I play it safe and avoid toolbars altogether?

Malware programmers have been known to lure unsuspecting users with the convenience of toolbar search functionality. Like other malware, these fake toolbars collect users’ private information and often install other hidden programs that make the computer slow and unstable.

The Avira SearchFree Toolbar offers powerful search functionality along with protection from the annoyance and damage caused by harmful websites. Because malware often buries itself deep in the system where it can be extremely difficult to eliminate, the Avira SearchFree Toolbar forms a preventive barrier against infection.

The search component of the Avira SearchFreeToolbar was developed using technology from Ask.com. To learn about our commitment to users’ privacy, please refer to our privacy policy and the privacy policy of Ask.com.

I have installed the Avira SearchFree Toolbar. Why can’t I see it?

Here are two possible reasons your toolbar may not be visible:

  1. You are not using Internet Explorer or Firefox. If you are surfing in another browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari or Opera), you will not see the toolbar.
  2. Your browser is not set to show certain toolbars. If you are using Internet Explorer, go to View → Toolbars (Tools → Toolbars in IE7) and make sure there is a check mark next to Avira SearchFree Toolbar.

    If you are using Firefox, go to Tools → Add-Ons → Extensions and make sure the Avira SearchFree Toolbar is enabled.

How do I uninstall the Avira SearchFree Toolbar?

Please note that uninstalling the toolbar will also uninstall WebGuard functionality from your free antivirus product. Without WebGuard functionality, the sites you visit will not be screened for malware before you access them. However, if are uninstalling the toolbar because you have upgraded to one of our premium products, WebGuard will not be affected.
If you still wish to uninstall the toolbar, step-by-step instructions are provided here.