Avira SafeSearchTM Plus

The secure search engine

Know before you go: Avira’s cloud technology scans websites in real time and indicates infected ones in your search results.

  • Secure search results: see which sites are (un)safe, directly in your search results
  • Search excellence: the search quality you would expect from a top engine
  • PUA detection: tells you if a download portals has secretly bundled software

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How is SafeSearch Plus different?

Our proprietary URL cloud technology not only scans websites automatically and in real time, but also protects you from emerging threats, which are unknown to most search engines.

What users are saying about SafeSearch:

  • “I’m really satisfied – thank you!"
  • “It’s awesome, I’m safe”
  • “Love it”
  • “Very nice browsing experience”

A superior search experience

Avira SafeSearch also offers a combination of unique benefits aimed at enhancing the user experience:

  • Geo-specific: easily switch results according to your region and language
  • Responsive: the size of the search bar adapts to your screen resolution
  • Quick access: click the tiles on the homepage to access bookmarked websites
  • A holistic approach: your security extends to all new tabs you open
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Avira Free Security Suite
Avira Free Security Suite

Want even more?

Download our Free Security Suite,
a free, all-in-one tool which includes:

Want even more?

Download our Free Security Suite,
which includes:

  • Antivirus

  • VPN

  • SafeSearch

  • System

  • Software

  • Password

  • Browser

  • And more

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