Welcome to Cloud 99.99%

Your free Antivirus protection has reached new heights

Introducing cloud technology

The Avira Protection Cloud is now fully integrated into your free Antivirus software, which strengthens your protection and enables us to deliver detection rates of 99.99%. Be sure to check out this helpful infographic to visualize how it works.

Performance overview

Your updated Antivirus software delivers enhanced security and system performance.


Collective Intelligence

Every digital fingerprint uploaded to the cloud contributes to an ever-expanding database. Much like the encyclopedic knowledge born from millions of Wikipedia users, Avira is harnessing the same collective intelligence to create a safer online community.

Containing outbreaks

As our sensitive technologies are located in the cloud, it is virtually impossible for criminals to analyze and bypass our defenses. As a result, Avira free Antivirus blocks even highly sophisticated threats. And as we map attacks in real-time, we are able to identify patterns of how cybercriminals operate and contain malware outbreaks as they emerge.