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premium services, with zero obligation

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For Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

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Avira Prime: an investment
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5 devices
Unlimited devices*
2 months for free
5 devices
Unlimited devices*

*Fair-use policy of maximum 25 devices per household.
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N.B. Avira Prime is an auto-renewal subscription service.

An all-in-one premium
service for your needs

All of our latest premium services – for protection, privacy, and performance – will be available to you, automatically, as part of your Avira Prime service.

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We know that you want convenience, flexibility, and freedom – so now you’ll have all the best premium solutions at hand, with a service that evolves with your needs.

Pay monthly,
with no obligation

Invest just a small amount monthly, with no long-term commitment, for the services you need – now and in the future.

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You’ll have access to every premium software solution that Avira makes. It’s sooooo much less than paying for each service separately – and you can cancel at any time.

Total control –
how cool is that?!

Your central dashboard shows device and service status at a glance, helping you add or remove premium services at will and giving you remote anti-theft/tracking tools.

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  • Lost phone? Track its location on a map.
  • Misplaced phone? Trigger a loud sound to find it.
  • Stolen phone? Remotely lock or wipe its contents.

Privileged VIP access
to our IT specialists

Avira Prime members are our number one priority and have exclusive access to our VIP Customer Support.

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Avira Prime subscribers get help first, always at the front of the queue. And we love a challenge, so bring us even your toughest questions. ;)

We're redefining
cross-platform happiness

Use on all of your household devices* – from desktop to mobile. Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS… we’ve got you covered.

*Fair-use policy of maximum 25 devices per household.
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This can include computers and mobile devices used by your spouse, your kids, or even your half-step-neighbor-in-law (if he or she rents a room from you). *Fair-use policy of maximum 25 devices per household.
cross platform

Digital bliss:
All our future innovations, for no extra charge

You’ll find no other service like Avira Prime, especially one that gives you so much digital bliss. And the best part is the way it meets even your future digital needs.

Every new solution we make will be yours, for no extra charge and no obligation.
Our entire portfolio, for all your devices.

What’s inside Avira Prime?

The following free services are also available and integrate fully with your Avira Prime service:

  • Browser Safety
  • SafeSearch Plus
  • iOS Security

Enjoy multiple award-winning Antivirus protection

Top awards for our security, performance, and repair capabilities.

  • Outstanding antivirus protection in real-world situations
  • Top award for our anti-ransomware protection technology
  • Ranked best antivirus in the industry for our repair capabilities
  • Top product award for our protection, performance, and usability

Enjoy convenient access to all our premium services, with zero obligation

Get Avira Prime now