Information about Avira Price Comparison

Get the best prices for products you want to buy

With Avira Price Comparison, you'll be notified if the product you're looking at is available at a better price from one of our partner vendors. No personally identifiable information is collected.
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  1. When browsing the product pages of popular shopping sites, Avira Price Comparison compares product prices with those available in its partner vendor network.
  2. If cheaper prices are available, Avira Price Comparison shows you a message at the top of the screen.
Avira Offers
How does Avira Price Comparison work?
As you browse products in the most popular shopping sites, Avira Price Comparison scans the product pages to see if it can find a better deal from one of the Avira partner vendors. If a better offer is available, you will see an Offer displayed.
What sort of data is captured?
Avira Price Comparison only captures information on specific shopping sites, not other sites. On those shopping sites the only data captured is the product name/model and its price. The shopping sites include Amazon, Ebay, Google and many others.
How is my privacy protected?
Our system is not capturing purchase information or user profiling. We only capture product name/model and price. There is no personally identifiable information captured about you. To analyze the performance of the offers we look at all the offers made and which ones were more popular but we do not know who clicked on them.
How do I enable or disable Avira Price Comparison?
Avira Price Comparison is included as a feature of the Avira Browser Safety extension. When you install it you will be notified that the feature is running. You can disable Avira Price Comparison through the Avira Browser Safety settings page. Just click on the Settings icon inside the dashboard.

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