Avira Internet Security Suite NEW!

Premium web protection while you shop and surf, complete with
our new firewall manager!

  • Secures you against online threats

  • A Firewall Manager to optimize your settings

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1 Windows PC / 1 Year

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Block ransomware and other threats, while fully
leveraging the power of your firewall

Optimizes your firewall settings

Leverage the advanced capabilities of your built-in Windows firewall.

Protects you from ransomware

Prevent your files being taken hostage, and having to pay to get them back.

Secures your surfing and shopping

Safely visit any page, download any file, stream any film.

Block external connections from accessing your PC new!

The native Windows firewall is powerful, but complex. That’s why we created a firewall manager, which optimizes your settings with one click. Now you can always be sure your apps aren’t leaking information and nobody can secretly take control of your PC.

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  • Automatically optimize your settings with one click
  • Easily block programs from connecting to the Internet
  • See which programs have rules, and which need some
  • Leverage our recommend rules to optimize your settings
  • Visualize what your native Firewall is actually blocking

Data protection

Thieves? Spies? Viruses? Not on our watch.

Avira offers award-winning protection against malware, including viruses, worms, spyware, and ransomware.

Secure finances

Safely shop and bank – you can’t afford not to.

Prevent your financial details from being stolen by banking Trojans, fake shopping carts, or infected banking portals.

A safe web

Surf, stream, and download with complete confidence.

Block infected websites, drive-by downloads, and browser hijackings – not to mention +14 million phishing attacks every month.

Internet Security Suite is for those who want advanced web protection

    Online shopaholics

    Securely shop online – we block fake carts and infected sites for you.

    Movie streamers

    Streaming films online can be risky – we take the danger out of it.

    Busy professionals

    Your PC is personal – so we keep everything on it out of harm’s way.

    The security-aware

    Being productive is important – so we ensure your PC doesn’t slow you down.

    Casual Gamers

    Love gaming? We enhance your experience by boosting your performance.

    The privacy-minded

    We help you keep what’s confidential private, and inaccessible to snoops.

You deserve the best protection and performance possible

And that’s what we offer. But don’t take our word for it – see our test results.

  • Best repair capabilities. We’ll fix your corrupt files.
  • Top malware removal. If it’s there, we’ll get rid of it.
  • Best overall speed. We don’t slow you down.
  • Top product award. We’re proud of it.
  • Outstanding file detection. We’re known for it.
  • Best security product of the year. You’ll love it.

System Requirements

You don’t need much! Just a PC running Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or higher, 1024 MB+ of RAM, and 800 MB+ of hard disk space.

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Internet Security
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Total Security
Buy | $57.99 ( 1 Device / 1 Year )
Buy | $57.99 ( 1 Device / 1 Year )
Buy | $109.99 ( 1 Device / 1 Year )

Antivirus Protection

Securely shop, surf, and bank


Prevents ransomware from encrypting your data.

Device controlnew!

Gives you control over which USB devices can connect.

Real-time protection

#1 in detection of malware and PUA

Secure surfing

Blocks phishing and infected sites

Data and identity protection

Secures your banking and shopping

Secure home network

Beats hackers and botnets

Smart technologies

Gives you top A.I., repair, and self-defense

Firewall Manager

Get more firewall power and control


Enhanced control

Helps you easily manage your advanced capabilities


Firewall optimizer

Fixes firewall settings with one click


Intuitive control panel

Lets you easily enable/disable features


App overview

Shows which programs have rules, and which need some


Rules management

Auto-creates rules for all your apps


Activity report

Shows you what your firewall is blocking


PC speed & tune-up tools

Rediscover what a fast PC feels like


Faster PC

Accelerates startups and reduces time lags


Peak performance

Optimizes processes and deep-cleans your PC


Extra space and memory

Removes junk files and frees up live memory


Data privacy

Cleans your browser data and shreds files permanently


Longer battery life

Disables unnecessary services to save power


File encryption

Password-protect your confidential files


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Surf privately, without geo-restrictions



Encrypted traffic

Secures your communications



Secure WiFi

Protects you on public hotspots



Anonymized activities

Masks your IP address



Open web

Bypasses geo-restricted content




Available for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS




Blocks Internet traffic if VPN connection drops



Fearlessly surf and shop online with premium web protection

Purchase now | $57.99