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Protect yourself from financial and identity fraud.

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Provides professional help in the event of identity theft
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Has your personal data been stolen?

Every second user of Identity Scanner is affected by identity theft, and gets on average 2.6 alerts. Thanks to our service, thousands have taken timely action, which protected them against financial loss and identity theft. You can, too.

Start by checking whether your email, and the online accounts associated with it, are at risk. Try it now; the results are instantaneous.


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Avira Identity Scanner helps prevent identity theft by combining 3 critical services:

Online Monitor

Scans the internet for your personal data and alerts you in case a match is found.

  • The online monitor checks your private data (bank and credit cards, e-mail addresses, etc.) on the Internet – including on the Dark Web and Deep Web.
  • If sensitive information is found in suspicious places, you’re immediately alerted via e-mail and/or SMS.
  • Avira Identity Scanner displays a general status overview of your data and their current risk factor.

Online Cleaner

Helps you delete sensitive data on the Surface Web.

  • We help you delete data that has been unlawfully or unintentionally published by third parties.
  • We contact the website or search engine operators on your behalf and request they take down your data.
  • If the deletion is impossible for technical or legal reasons, in most cases, we can at least get it blocked.

24/7 Hotline

Provides immediate assistance by our experts in case of suspected identity theft.

  • We provide valuable tips and recommendations for effective action and risk mitigation.
  • We provide immediate answers (FAQ) to all the most encountered situations.
  • We have a team of experts, available to you 24/7, on a dedicated hotline.

Your data in safe hands

Any data you share with us is secured with the highest industry standards.

When we scan the web for a match to your data, we encrypt it (hash), so that they do not risk exposure at any point.

What standards do we use?
Our infrastructure meets the PCI DSS and ISO 27001 security standards, among others. The former was defined by leading credit card companies to secure data while processing payments and storing sensitive information. ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security management, which protects data from security threats such as cyber-attacks, data theft, vandalism, terrorism, and arson.

Our infrastructure is regularly audited by certified 3rd parties and employs the latest technologies.

In addition, we use the highest encryption standards (AES-256), which would take even the most advanced computer over 13 billion years to crack.

What are hashes?
It’s a technology that securely masks the data when searching for a match. An algorithm is automatically created and hashed from your data. These numbers are like fingerprints that uniquely match your records. However, the data itself cannot be reconstructed from the hashes, and thus cannot be reverse engineered. Even if hackers intercept the hashes, they can do nothing with it.

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