Get advanced security and control
with Avira Antivirus Pro

Email Guard

Even if you’re sharp, lack of sleep can cause mistakes. Scans all incoming/outgoing emails.

Web Patrol

Intercepts malicious code before it loads. Browser-tracking blocker ensures your privacy.

Real-Time Cloud

Checks accessed files (incl. P2P) and sends virus database updates – all in real time.

Total Control

Customize your settings and, if you feel the need, talk to our in-house geeks (included).

Explore Antivirus Pro’s feature set

Advanced Real-Time Protection
With Avira Protection Cloud detection technology

Enhanced Network Drive Protection
Malware scanning for shared folders

Shuts out online spies and annoying adware

Advanced Web Protection
Intercepts malicious websites before they load

Browser Tracking Blocker*
Stops companies from recording your web activities

Website Safety Advisor*
Rates the safety of all sites in your search results


*Available on the Avira SearchFree toolbar

Security for Android
Call/SMS filtering, phone finder and privacy guard

Technical Support
Support from Avira’s friendly and knowledgeable Support Technicians


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