Securely browse, download and shop online.

1. Safe Browsing

Never land on a harmful website.

2. Privacy Protection

Don't allow networks to track you.

3. PUA Shield

Identifies hidden programs in download portals and recommends secure alternatives.

4. Ad blocker

Prevents intrusive and malicious ads, banners, and pop-ups from loading.

Block those pesky ads

With one in four antivirus detections now triggered by malvertising, we improve your safety and online experience by blocking all malicious and invasive ads. You can even decide whether to display the safe, non-intrusive kind.

Get Browser Safety

Browse safely online

Poisoned links and phishing webpages are blocked - so you'll know every website you visit is safe!

Keep your navigation private

Blocks browser trackers, which prevents thousands of ad networks from monitoring what you search and shop for.

Block Potentially Unwanted Applications

Block Potentially Unwanted Applications

Notifies you when clicking on software that contains a potentially unwanted application, and offers you your desired software from a secure website.

Get your friends & family to browse safely too!

Recommend Avira Browser Safety to your network.

Confidently search the web

Avira SafeSearch Plus flags infected sites in your search results.
From now on, know before you go!

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