13 million new viruses each month.
One solution - Antivirus Pro

Antivirus Pro protects you from the 13 million new malware strains, like “Framer”, that we detect each month. Mail and Web protection Included.

$44.99 | 1 year / Up to 5 devices
An iframe injection attack that steals data and login credentials
A malicious ‘drive-by’ download embedded in websites
Malware that automatically redirects your browser to an infected website
Malware that enables hackers to take control of your PC and steal data
  • HTML/Rce.Gen
  • HTML/Westgoo.A
  • HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen3
  • HTML/Framer.DO.121

The "Framer"

The “Framer” is an iframe injection attack that steals data and login credentials. With its award winning protection, Avira Antivirus Pro is the perfect defense against evolving malware just like the “Framer”.

Advanced Protection

Avira Antivirus Pro offers dependable protection for your browsing, email and downloads while the integrated Real-Time scanner with Avira Protection Cloud technology detects the newest forms of malware.

Technical support from a team of dedicated security experts

Avira Antivirus Pro users get access to our technical experts who can walk you through any malware-related issues.

Explore Internet Security Suite’s features

Advanced Real-Time Protection
With Avira Protection Cloud detection technology

Enhanced Network Drive Protection
Malware scanning for shared folders

Shuts out online spies and annoying adware

Advanced Web Protection
Intercepts malicious websites before they load

Browser Tracking Blocker*
Stops companies from recording your web activities

Website Safety Advisor*
Rates the safety of all sites in your search results


*Available on the Avira SearchFree Toolbar.

Security for Android
Call/SMS filtering, phone finder and privacy guard

Technical Support
Support from Avira’s friendly and knowledgeable support technicians


For complete online peace of mind,
there’s Avira Antivirus Pro

$44.99 | 1 year / Up to 5 devices