Senior Product Manager

Position summary:

As a Product Manager of Avira's next generation product, you will understand the top level management's vision and define a world-class product. You will drive product definition and work proactively with teams across all major internal functional areas (design, engineering, operations, sales, marketing and finance) and with external parties (press, analysts, partners, customers, etc.).

Keys to hiring:

By being the CEO of your product you inspire others with your vision. Being a truly self-confident leader, people can feel that you are the evangelist of your product, authentically believing in its success. Through your enthusiasm and as an inspiring communicator you convince all critics with good arguments. With your ability to synthesize information, you can extract what is important, shield the team from irrelevant requests and keep everyone focused working on what is most important.

Performance objectives:

  1. Starting from day one you will be part of a team which will function like a start-up within a company. The product you will lead to success does not have any competition as the concept is entirely new. Within one month, you will have reviewed existing high level requirements and created more detailed specifications.
  2. Within five months, you will have achieved a successful launch of the BETA product. You will have worked closely with Marketing, existing customers as well as PR to create hype around this new revolutionary product.
  3. One year after you have started, your product will drop the BETA status and will become Avira’s new flag ship product serving more than 100 million active users. Now, your challenge is to stay ahead of the competition.

The product:

Avira has decided to change from a device centric to a user centric approach. Avira's next generation product should therefore be a web application running in the cloud. All products for Windows, Mac, Android and Facebook should connect to this application. The users will be able to control their entire world of security from here.

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