How can I get my Avira product activation code back if I lost it?

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To recover your Avira product activation code you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Login to your Avira My Account using the email address that you used to registered with at Avira and your My Account password or use your Facebook account (if you have associated the same email address that you have registered with at Avira)

  2. Go to the Products menu to view the Avira products that you are using/ that you have purchased

  3. If you have already activated the product you need to click on the i-icon on the right of the Avira Product Name

    myaccount product info
  4. Click in the activation code field and the Avira product activation code will be automatically selected

    myaccount products copy code
  5. Right-click on your mouse to copy the activation code in the context menu

    myaccount product copy context menu
  6. Open the Avira main window from the program icon Avira Control Center on the desktop or from Start → All Programs → Avira → Start Avira Internet Security

  7. Click on the Help menu and select License management

  8. Enter the activation code you have just copied from your Avira My Account




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