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Date discovered:17/08/2011
In the wild:No
Reported Infections:Low
Distribution Potential:Medium to high
Damage Potential:Medium
Static file:Yes
File size:126.976 Bytes
MD5 checksum:7BE4701F62ED2330290DA1063481BFDF
VDF version:
IVDF version:

 General Methods of propagation:
   • Autorun feature
   • Messenger

   •  Sophos: Troj/DorkBot-I
   •  DrWeb: Trojan.Packed.21754

Platforms / OS:
   • Windows 2000
   • Windows XP
   • Windows 2003
   • Windows Vista
   • Windows 7

Side effects:
   • Drops files
   • Registry modification
   • Steals information

 Files It copies itself to the following location:
   • %APPDATA%\Microsoft\jqs.exe

 Registry One of the following values is added in order to run the process after reboot:

–  [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run]
   • "Startup"="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\jqs.exe"

The following registry key is added:

– [HKCU\Software\tfswfs]
   • "FileNameActual"="%executed file%"

 Messenger It is spreading via Messenger. The characteristics are described below:

– Windows Live Messenger

 IRC To deliver system information and to provide remote control it connects to the following IRC Server:

Server: **********gle.sytes.net
Port: 3086
Nickname: %random caracters%

– This malware has the ability to collect and send information such as:
    • Current user
    • Information about the Windows operating system

– Furthermore it has the ability to perform actions such as:
    • connect to IRC server
    • disconnect from IRC server
    • Join IRC channel
    • Leave IRC channel
    • Visit a website

 Injection – It injects itself as a remote thread into processes.

    Process name:
   • explorer.exe

Описание добавил Andrei Ilie в(о) понедельник, 26 сентября 2011 г.
Описание обновил Andrei Ilie в(о) вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.

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