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Date discovered:20/03/2006
In the wild:Yes
Reported Infections:Low
Distribution Potential:Medium
Damage Potential:Medium
Static file:Yes
File size:28.144 Bytes
MD5 checksum:6e5484357bb2c76edc02cc02176f053c
VDF version: - Monday, March 20, 2006
IVDF version: - Monday, March 20, 2006

 General Method of propagation:
   • Email

   •  Mcafee: Spam-FiveSec
   •  Kaspersky:
   •  TrendMicro: WORM_LOCKSKY.BC
   •  VirusBuster: Worm.Locksky.BV
   •  Eset: Win32/Locksky.NAA
   •  Bitdefender: Win32.Locksky.AG@mm

Platforms / OS:
   • Windows 95
   • Windows 98
   • Windows 98 SE
   • Windows NT
   • Windows ME
   • Windows 2000
   • Windows XP
   • Windows 2003

Side effects:
   • Downloads a malicious file
   • Uses its own Email engine
   • Registry modification
   • Steals information

 Files It copies itself to the following location:
   • %SYSDIR%\spoolsvv.exe

It tries to download a file:

The location is the following:
   • http://5sec**********/panel/upd1.txt
At the time of writing this file was not online for further investigation.

 Registry The following registry key is added in order to run the process after reboot:

   • "spoolsvv"="%SYSDIR%\spoolsvv.exe"

It creates the following entry in order to bypass the Windows XP firewall:

   • "%malware execution directory%\%executed file%
      "="%malware execution directory%\%executed file%

 Email It contains an integrated SMTP engine in order to send emails. A direct connection with the destination server will be established. The characteristics are described in the following:

The sender address is spoofed.

– Email addresses found in specific files on the system.
 Email addresses gathered from WAB (Windows Address Book)


The attachment is a copy of the malware itself.

 Mailing Search addresses:
It searches the following file for email addresses:
   • htm

Address generation for FROM field:
To generate addresses it uses the following strings:
   • admin
   • webmaster
   • support

 Backdoor Contact server:
All of the following:
   • http://5sec**********/panel/task.php?
   • http://5sec**********/panel/report.php?
   • http://5sec**********/panel/inst.php?

As a result it may send some information.

Sends information about:
     IP address
     Current malware status

 File details Programming language:
The malware program was written in MS Visual C++.

Runtime packer:
In order to aggravate detection and reduce size of the file it is packed with the following runtime packer:
   • UPX

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