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Alias:W95.Spaces.1633, W95.Spaces.1245, W95.Spaces.1445, W95/Busm.1445, W95/Busm99.1445
Size:1,633 oder 1,245 oder 1,445 By 
VDF Version:  

Technical DetailsThe virus has two known versions, adding 1,633 or 1,245 Bytes at the end of PE files.
When the virus is activated, it makes an active copy of itself in memory, which calls VxDcallIFSMgr_Get_Version and passes by AX Register 0x2020. On return it is 0xDEAD, if the virus is active in memory. In this case, the virus checks the date, because its routine starts on the 1st of June every year and corrupts the AT harddisk.
If the virus is not in memory, it allocates the memory by itself and attaches the system file. In this way, it can infect all .exe file it can access.
설명 삽입자 Crony Walker   2004년 6월 15일 화요일

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