Descoperit pe data de:04/12/2012
Numar infectii raportate:Mediu
Potential de raspandire:Scazut
Potential de distrugere:Scazut
Fisier static:Nu
Marime:~ 5.180 Bytes
Versiune VDF:
Versiune IVDF:

 General Alias:
   •  Kaspersky: Exploit.Win32.CVE-2011-3402.c

Sistem de operare:
   • Windows XP
   • Windows 2003
   • Windows Vista
   • Windows Server 2008
   • Windows 7

Efecte secundare:
   • Poate fi utilizat pentru a executa cod malitios
   • Profita de vulnerabilitatile softului
      •  CVE-2011-3402

 Detectie speciala Descriere:

The exploit EXP/CVE-2011-3402 is targeting the True-Type-Font parsing engine which is run in kernel-mode. This fact makes this exploit very dangerous as an attacker can gain system level privileges.

An exploit gives the attacker the ability to install programs/drivers, view, change, or delete data or he could create new accounts with full user rights.

In an e-mail scenario the exploit needs user interaction (for instance by opening a malicious word document) to get executed. The discovered exploit comes in the form of a Microsoft word document.

Other possibilities may include using embedded TTF fonts in other types of files such as PDF.

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