Alias:SubSeven, Sub7, Sub-7
Damage:Backdoor component 
VDF Version: 

Technical DetailsSubSeven is a Backdoor program (as for example NetBus, Back Orifice etc.), which allows a third party to have access to a system. The program consists in a Server- and a Client program, which enable remote access to network computers, i.e. using the Client, a hacker can penetrate an infected system with the Server (this is the actual Trojan).
Usually, in this version, the worm creates a file named MSREXE.exe in Windows directory. This file hides the virus Server program. However, a different file name can be used.

New by version 2.0 is the fact that the Server program can not be so easily removed and applications (%variable_filename%.exe) can not be opened.
After removing the Server program, Windows may not be completely functional. This is why the SubSeven removal turns out to be somewhat difficult.

The newer versions of SubSeven use an "Editserver", which offers the possibility of many Server settings.

Bei den neueren Versionen von SubSeven wird auch immer noch ein Editserver mitgeliefert, mit dessen Hilfe sich viele unterschiedliche Einstellungen am Server vornehmen lassen.
説明の挿入者 Crony Walker の 2004年6月15日火曜日

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