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Alias:-Worm.Magistr.b [Kaspersky], W32.Magistr.B@mm, W32/Magistr.b@MM [McAfee], W32/Magistr.32768@mm [Frisk], PE_Magistr.B [Trend], W32/Magistr-B [Sophos], Win32.Magistr.29188 [Computer Associates]
Size:39,921 Bytes 
Damage:Sent by email. 
VDF Version:  

Technical DetailsThe difference between the original and this version of the worm is: a different kind of damage routine. The virus overwrites the file WIN.Com in Windows directory and the file NTLDR on C: level with a program, which deletes important drive data on start. If the computer is infected over network, the worm inserts iteslf in WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI. The virus searches for GIF files and sends GIF pictures from the infected computer, just as it can send clean DOC files. The worm destroys *.NTZ files if it can detect them. It tries to terminate ZoneAlarm firewall, if installed.
Description insérée par Crony Walker le mardi 15 juin 2004

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