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Alias:SubSeven, Sub7, Sub-7
Damage:Backdoor component 
VDF Version: 

Technical DetailsSubSeven is a Backdoor program (as for example NetBus, Back Orifice etc.), which allows a third party to have access to a system. The program consists in a Server- and a Client program, which enable remote access to network computers, i.e. using the Client, a hacker can penetrate an infected system with the Server (this is the actual Trojan).

Version 1.8 contains a more developed "Editserver", which gives even more setting possibilities to the hacker.
Thus,for example, the name or the infection type can be chosen.
There are 4 possible types of infection:

a) System.ini
b) Win.ini
c) Registry-Run
d) Registry-RunServices
each one using only one of the four entries.
Description insérée par Crony Walker le mardi 15 juin 2004

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