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Date discovered:21/10/2007

 General The goal is to get the following information:
    • Bank account

Phishing method:
    • Email form

 Email Details From: onlineservice@natwest.co.uk
Subject: Verify Your Account Detail Now!
Actual link: http://epa.association.free.fr/components/com_akobook/index.html
IP address:

The email is designed to avoid detection from Antispam and Antiphishing. The technique is:
    • The Body of the email contains HTML content.

This screenshot is how the phishing email looks like:

 Page Details Visible URL: http://epa.association.free.fr/components/com_akobook/index.html?...
Actual URL: http://epa.association.free.fr/components/com_akobook/index.html?...
IP address:

The phishing page will look like the following:

Descripción insertada por Dominik Auerbach el domingo, 21 de octubre de 2007

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