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Alias:Worm.Hai, W32/Hai.Worm, W95/Hai.A, W32.HLLW.Hai
Size:69,635 Bytes 
Damage:Spreads over shared directories. 
VDF Version:  

DistributionThe worm searches for shared directories and copies itself in them.

Technical DetailsW32/Hai.A spreads over networks, looking for a computer with NetBIOS protocol installed and full access for all users to \Windows directory. The worm drops a new thread in computers with open access to directories.
It modifies Win.ini, to be activated by the next system start. The file name is randomly chosen, as for example:

C:\%Windir%\Iegup.exe, Jkvjhb.exe. or Pueqfwh.exe.
Descripción insertada por Crony Walker el martes, 15 de junio de 2004

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