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Alias:Win32.Parite.a [KAV], W32/Pate.a [McAfee], Win32.Pinfi.A [CA], PE_PARITE.A [Trend], W32/Parite-A [Sophos], Win32/Parite.A [RAV], W32.Pinfi
Size:~177,917 Bytes 
Damage:Spreads over shared network resources. 
VDF Version:  

DistributionW32/Parite spreads over shared network resources.

Technical DetailsIf a file infected with W32/Parite is opened, it registers: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer PINF

The worm hangs on Explorer.exe, to remain on resident memory, and it also hangs on all .EXE and .SCR files it finds on local and mapped drives.
The virus has a procedure that prolongs the infection, meaning that the virus infects only some files at a time.
W32/Partie creates a temp file in the existing directory. It reaches the directory in which it can use Windows API. The temp file created by the virus has always the following name:
[3 random letters][4 random hexadecimal digits].tmp
Descripción insertada por Crony Walker el martes, 15 de junio de 2004

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