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No.NameTypeDangerDateDetection date
101PUA/SoftPulse.aonePotentially Unwanted ApplicationLevel 1Feb 4, 2015Feb 2, 2015
102PUA/SoftPulse.aonbPotentially Unwanted ApplicationLevel 1Feb 4, 2015Feb 2, 2015
103EXP/CVE-2015-0072ExploitLevel 2Feb 4, 2015see here
104PUA/Softpulse.1348048Potentially Unwanted ApplicationLevel 1Feb 3, 2015Feb 2, 2015
105ADWARE/Elex.430080AdwareLevel 1Feb 2, 2015see here
106ADWARE/InstallCo.zlzAdwareLevel 1Feb 1, 2015Jan 27, 2015
107Adware/CrossRider.ZZAdwareLevel 1Jan 28, 2015see here
108ADWARE/AdService.9075AdwareLevel 1Jan 28, 2015see here
109ADWARE/Wajam.463872AdwareLevel 1Jan 28, 2015see here
110TR/Rogue.1355776.20TrojanLevel 1Jan 27, 2015see here
111ADWARE/DownGuide.dmuAdwareLevel 1Jan 27, 2015Jan 26, 2015
112ADWARE/Wajam.83456.6AdwareLevel 1Jan 22, 2015Jan 19, 2015
113ADWARE/Amonetize.kpaAdwareLevel 1Jan 22, 2015see here
114TR/Dldr.Agent.1169920.6TrojanLevel 1Jan 21, 2015see here
115ADWARE/Elex.1499312AdwareLevel 1Jan 20, 2015Jan 17, 2015
116ADWARE/Elex.464384AdwareLevel 1Jan 17, 2015see here
117ADWARE/Elex.156672AdwareLevel 1Jan 17, 2015see here
118ADWARE/Elex.389840AdwareLevel 1Jan 17, 2015see here
119ADWARE/BrowseFox.Gen4AdwareLevel 1Jan 16, 2015Dec 8, 2014
120PUA/InstallCore.Gen4Potentially Unwanted ApplicationLevel 1Jan 16, 2015Jan 25, 2015
121ADWARE/InstallCo.zlqAdwareLevel 1Jan 16, 2015see here
122Adware/iBryte.251392.2AdwareLevel 1Jan 15, 2015see here
123TR/Dldr.Agent.1169920.4TrojanLevel 1Jan 15, 2015see here
124TR/FakeAV.1170432.5TrojanLevel 1Jan 12, 2015see here
125VBS/Ramnit.483893VBS script virusLevel 1Jan 8, 2015Aug 26, 2014


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