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7576 - 7600 of about 7767 threats

No.NameTypeDangerDateDetection date
7576TR/IWorm.Fix2001TrojanLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7577Worm/MyDoom.UWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Sep 9, 2004
7578TR/Worm.QAZTrojanLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7579BDS/Surila.iBackdoor ServerLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7580Worm/Rbot.LEWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Sep 6, 2004
7581Worm/Reniets.AWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7582Worm/MSN.FunnerWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7583TR/Worm.RC5.WinInitTrojanLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7584Worm/NetSky.ADWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Oct 14, 2004
7585VBS/Caroline.BVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7586Worm/Bagz.AWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Jul 1, 2005
7587VBS/ElvaVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Mar 14, 2002
7588Worm/Bagz.BWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7589VBS/FireburnVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7590Worm/Mexer.EWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Sep 22, 2004
7591VBS/GuormVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7592Worm/Bagle.ATWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7593VBS/HappyTimeVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Aug 28, 2003
7594TR/Spy.Bizex.HTrojanLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Oct 21, 2004
7595VBS/HomePage.1VBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7596KIT/JPEGexploit.Aconstruction kitLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Sep 24, 2004
7597VBS/Lee-ATXVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7598Worm/MyDoom.AHWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Nov 9, 2004
7599VBS/LiveStages.AVBS script virusLevel 1Jun 15, 2004see here
7600Worm/Sober.IWormLevel 1Jun 15, 2004Nov 19, 2004


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