AV10: WebGuard does not work anymore after a repair installation

If you have Avira AntiVir Personal installed and upgrade to Service Pack 2 including the Avira toolbar, you might get problems with WebGuard in case you run a repair installation afterwards with the “old” installation file available in the download section.

After the reboot you will still see the toolbar installed but you will notice that WebGuard is not functioning anymore:

Avira Toolbar - WebGuard Error - Avira is unavailable

Until we provide a new setup file that includes Service Pack 2, you can solve this problem quite easily by a change installation that reinstalls the WebGuard component.

Change installation:

  1. Now click on "Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus" and select Change:

    Avira AntiVir Personal - Uninstall or change a program
  2. The window of the maintenance program will appear. Leave the selection at "Modify" and click Next.

    Avira AntiVir Personal - Welcome Window - Modify
  3. Make sure that all check marks are set at the various components including WebGuard and then click Next.

    Avira AntiVir Personal - Install Components
  4. In the next window, you can complete the change installation by clicking on Finish.

Restart the computer and then check the status of the Avira toolbar again.

Affected products

  • Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus, Version 10 [Windows]
  • Created : Monday, June 27, 2011
  • Last updated: Friday, June 8, 2012
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