Features of Avira System Speedup?

Avira System Speedup provides a comprehensive amount of possibilities to optimize your system:

    The SYSTEM CLEANER cleans your system from inconvenient junk files that accumulated over time on your system. Most of the files are useless and can be deleted without hesitation. The SYSTEM CLEANER distinguishes between the following categories:
    • Junk Files
      With help of this category you can remove temporary created files from your PC as well as cleaning the Recycle Bin - means all files which are stored as junk on your hard disk in the course of time
    • Registry Cleaner
      The Registry Cleaner cleans the registry to speed up your system
    • Privacy Cleaner
      Privacy Cleaner helps you to scan, clean and remove the history of your internet activities
    • Smart Defragmenter
      Defragmentation rearranges individual fragmented data blocks on the hard disk. This speeds up the access to each single file and increases the working speed of the computer as well

    System Optimizer improves your system, makes it faster and more powerful. There are four categories available:
    • Startup Manager
      Similar to the Startup-Optimizer, you can define which applications should get loaded during the startup of the system and which should not. However, unlike the Startup Optimizer you do not get a suggestion if an application is a system application and if it is needed or not
    • NetState
      NetState gives you an overview of all programs, which have access to the internet. Here you can remove programs which should not be connected to the internet
    • Process Manager
      Process Manager provides a list of running processes and how much CPU they need. Here you have the possibility to stop needless processes
    • Service Manager
      Using the Service Manager you will see an overview about all existing services, their current status and start type. The Service Manager allows you to stop specific services, to start them and even to delete them

  3. TOOLS
    Besides the above mentioned features there are some other tools which help you to clean and optimize your system.
    • Tuneup
      This tool allows you to clean up your hard disk. Duplicate files will be found and can be removed. It finds empty folder and so called zero-sized files. Furthermore you have the possibility to backup files on your computer and restore them
    • Drivers
      All installed drivers are listed here. This feature allows you to maintain these drivers and helps avoiding hardware problems
    • Uninstaller
      Unistaller provides a list of installed programs and allows you to uninstall them as well
    • File Recovery
      This feature scans the hard disk for deleted files and recover them again

  4. Statistics
    Here you will see at first glance a list of solved problems, amount of performed scans and information about the license and version of Avira System Speedup

  5. System Information
    Here you get all information about your system, like operating system, system up time, process count, memory usage, network flow etc.

Affected products

  • Avira Internet Security Suite [Windows]
  • Avira System Speedup [Windows]
  • Avira Ultimate Protection Suite [Windows]
  • Created : Tuesday, August 21, 2012
  • Last updated: Thursday, November 24, 2016
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