Why does the control program report AntiVir as inactive on the terminal server?

Avira AntiVir Server can run in Terminal Server.

However, it seems that the correct status of Avira AntiVir Server can only be displayed on a workstation or in the Control Program on the server itself.

Example: the user is logged onto the server as Administrator. Avira AntiVir indicates the operating status Active. If the user simultaneously logs onto the server as Administrator from a workstation via Terminal Services Client, the status changes to Inactive or is Not loaded.

The so-called Control Program of Avira AntiVir Server is responsible for displaying the operating status. This connects to the actual operative part of AntiVir - the AntiVirService - via named pipes. However, only one instance of the Control Program can be active and connected to the service at one time (!!). In the Terminal Server mode, the Control Program is started for each user and therefore appears to remain inactive for all but one (on the server itself). This is merely because the Control Program cannot establish any further connections to the service.

To solve this problem, please proceed as follows: since Avira AntiVir only needs the Control Program for configuration purposes, it is easiest not to load the control program for the users. The administrators can always load it manually, if they wish to monitor Avira AntiVir Server. To do this, delete the value avgnt from the following registry key:

Affected products

  • Avira AntiVir Server, Version 10 [Windows]
  • Created : Wednesday, March 14, 2007
  • Last updated: Monday, March 21, 2011
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