Updating AMC manually - no automatic updates

Please proceed as follows to update the AMC and its components manually to the latest version:

Check first if the IUM (Internet Update Manager, integrated in AMC) has already downloaded the latest versions of “AMC Server”, “AMC Frontend” and “AMC Agent”. To do this, click within the IUM on [Server]:7050 > Released products.

Check the individual products for their actual version which is shown in the right part of the window.
The IUM has to be updated, if the latest versions are not shown. Right-click in the Internet Update Manager on Released products and select Update mirrored products.

Then, update the AMC Server by right-clicking on the “Avira Security Management Center Frontend”. Select Update > Server > Start update.

After a few minutes, do the same for SMC Frontend:
Right-click on Avira Security Management Center Frontend and select Update > Frontend.

To update the AMC Agents to the latest version, please right-click on the Security Environment and select Commands > Avira SMC Agent > Start Update.

To verify the AMC version afterwards, please click with the left mouse button on “Avira Security Management Center Frontend” and select from the MMC menu Help > Info about Avira Security Management Center Frontend.

Finally, check if the software packages stored in the AMC are up to date. If they don't have the latest version, you have to update them as well. Right-click on “Software Repository” and then select Update Software Repository > Start update.
The Software Repository can also be updated automatically. Select Schedule update in the same menu.

Usually the update of the AMC should also work automatically without any problems, if you configure it as follows:

Please make sure that “Automatically synchronize software repositories between AMC and IUM servers” is checked within the AMC at Configuration > Update.
If there is more than one IUM Server integrated in the AMC, you can choose the IUM for this purpose from the list “Default IUM for all updates” in the pull-down menu above

Please also verify that “Activate automatic mode for AMC updates” is checked at Avira Internet Update Manager > [Server]:7050 > Server Settings > General.
This option makes sure that the assigned groups will be updated with the help of the automatic update mode.

Affected products

  • Avira Security Management Center [Windows]
  • Avira SmallBusiness Suite [Windows]
  • Created : Tuesday, December 16, 2008
  • Last updated: Friday, January 4, 2013
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