Adding folders and files exceptions for the Real-Time Protection of Avira Free Antivirus for Mac

Generally we advise against modifications of the default setting in Real-Time Protection.

But there is an option to exclude folders and files from being monitored.
You should only consider it, if you are sure that there are no infected files in the respective folders. Also, you should ensure that you do not frequently download files from the internet or transfer files from removable storage devices like USB-sticks into those folders.

  1. Open the configuration file in the Terminal with rights as root
    sudo nano /Applications/

  2. Add the path that should not be included by the Realtime Protection by entering

    ExcludePath /*folder to be excluded*

    Under no circumstances, remove or modify the existing entries in any way. All files within the folders you added will not be checked for viruses.

    See screenshot:

    mac exclude paths

  3. Save the file with CTRL+X

  4. Confirm the file name with "Y" and then press the Enter-key.

  5. Then, you need to terminate the process "avguard.bin" that will automatically restart. This will apply the changes to the configuration.
    You have 3 alternatives to do this:

    a) via the Terminal by entering

    sudo /Applications/ --restart


    b) via the Activity Monitor

    Navigate via GoUtilities and then click on Activity Monitor. Within the view of the currently running processes you need to change the view to "All Processes". Then you select the process "avguard.bin" with a double-click.

    mac activities end

    Now click on Quit. Then, you need to confirm the termination of this process with an administrator password.

    The process "avguard.bin" will be restarted automatically and the corresponding changes within the configuration file will be applied.


    c) You restart your Mac

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