Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Use of Personal Data on Internet is ‘Out of Control’ Says Avira Survey

86% of Consumers Think They Have Little or No Say about How Corporations Use Personal Information; 81% Want More Control Back

Tettnang, Germany --- April 3, 2012 – Security expert Avira announced today the results of its latest online research survey which found that 86 percent of consumers worldwide felt they had little or no control over how corporations use their personal information online.

The personal information survey was presented to a random sample of Avira’s website visitors during February and March of 2013. There were 950 respondents with a margin of error of +/- of 3.18 percent. The two-part question asked:

How much of a say do you feel you have today over your personal information on the Internet?

  • A) 54.53% - I feel like I have almost no say over how companies use my personal information online.
  • B) 32.11% - I feel like I have a little say over how companies use my personal information online.
  • C) 7.16%% - I feel like I have a lot of say over how companies use my personal information online.
  • D) 6.21% - I feel like I have an almost complete say over how companies use my personal information online.

A follow-up question asked:

How much control would you like to have over your personal information on the Internet?

  • A) 80.95% - I'd like more control.
  • B) 16.53% - I'm happy with how much control I have.
  • C) 2.53% - I’d like less control.

“Most consumers don’t really understand what is happening with the information about them and this scares many of them. The reality is that they have more control than they think,” said Sorin Mustaca, IT security expert at Avira. “For example, only few know that they can disable the advertising tracker in their iPhones, they can install a do-not-track extension into their web browsers, such as Avira’s Browser Tracking Blocker, and that they can control many privacy and security settings in Facebook and other social networking websites. Last but not least, no tool or security solution is able to replace a healthy common sense: do not share information about you which you don’t want to be public.

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