Friday, February 12, 2010

Fake anti-virus solutions imitate Avira

Cybercriminals are imitating the look of Avira products to help them spread their fraudulent and useless pseudo security solutions

Tettnang, 12 February 2010 – Even cybergangsters are aware of the good reputation and widespread use of Avira Security Solutions. Fake anti-virus solutions have now turned up that imitate the look of Avira in an attempt to take advantage of unsuspecting users. The falsified versions are called "Security Antivirus Suite" or "Antivirus Security Suite" and are offered using the promotional slogan “20 Years of Total Protection” on websites that also ape the look and feel of the Avira website. Avira asks all users only to download Avira AntiVir Personal-Free Antivirus from the official website

Known as FakeAV, RogueAV or scareware, these useless programs are designed to fool users into believing their computer has been infected with malware, even though such malware does not exist. On the contrary, the providers of this fraudulent software load harmless files onto the user’s PC during installation, which often takes place unnoticed in the background while users are surfing the Net, due to vulnerabilities in outdated programs on the PC; these harmless files are then reported as detected viruses.

Fake Avira Logo

The cybercriminals have tried to imitate the Avira logo

Users can protect themselves by using an up-to-date anti-virus solution from a bonafide provider on their PC and by making sure to keep the installed programs and the operating system up-to-date at all times. Users should always get software directly from the manufacturers’ download sites. To be sure of a clean source, PC users should key in the URL directly into the address line in their browser window, for example

Fake Avira antivirus Website

The fake websites have a look and feel very similar to the Avira website

In addition to free basic protection with Avira AntiVir Personal, more extensive protection packages are also available. Avira AntiVir Premium uses WebGuard to filter out malware from the data stream before it ever reaches the web browser. Virus protection costs $31.99 for one year. Avira Premium Security Suite provides all-round protection: it complements the features of Avira AntiVir Premium with a firewall to protect against attacks from the network, combats Spam and performs backups, all for a cost of $51.99.

About Avira

More than 100 million consumers and small businesses depend upon Avira’s security expertise and award-winning antivirus software, making the company the number-two market share leader globally. Avira is ranked #1 in technology innovation according to ABI Research; recommended by Consumer Reports for its free antivirus software; cited by OPSWAT as the #1 fastest-growing antivirus vendor in 2012 and the #2 largest vendor worldwide in 2011; and has received a nearly unbroken string of Virus Bulletin VB100 awards for the past decade.

Avira provides IT-security protection to computers, smartphones, servers and networks, delivered as both software and cloud-based services. Visit