Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cybercriminals phishing for Skype logins

Avira is issuing a warning against phishing mails that are being used by criminals in an attempt to access Skype logins

Tettnang, 02 February 2010 – IT Security Specialist Avira has issued a warning against phishing emails currently circulating that aim to access the login data for Skype accounts. However, the threat is not currently recognized by the filters of current web browsers. Users of Avira AntiVir Premium and Suite are protected by MailGuard and WebGuard.

The phishing mails sent contain a link to a remarkably convincing looking fake Skype login site. The correct address, www.skype.com, actually appears in the address line, but only as a sub-domain of an entirely different network, for example www.skype.com.attacker-domain.cc/. This URL takes the user to the cybercriminals’ phishing site.

Users who enter their Skype login data on this website will then be diverted to the genuine download site to avoid arousing suspicion. However, the attempted login by the user reveals his access data to the attackers. The threat is mainly to the user’s credit on his Skype account, which can be deducted. In addition, the cybercriminals can also send other phishing links or Spam to the contacts of the specific user.

At present, the integrated phishing filters of the most commonly used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome or Firefox, do not yet recognize the risky site and therefore do not issue an appropriate warning.

Anyone receiving a phishing email of this kind should avoid clicking on the links it contains at all costs. The email should also be deleted from your mailbox immediately. Thanks to Avira MailGuard and Avira WebGuard features, users of the Avira AntiVir Premium Security Solution or Avira Premium Security Suite are protected against these phishing attempts. MailGuard detects and marks these emails as attempts at phishing and WebGuard blocks access to the phishing sites.

Users of the free basic protection solution Avira AntiVir Personal – Free Antivirus should exercise particular caution so as not to fall victim to phishing. To get comprehensive protection against such threats, Avira recommends upgrading to Avira AntiVir Premium or Avira Premium Security Suite.

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