Client/Server Protection

Top-performing security for Windows endpoints

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Bundled Solutions

Maximize value and save time by combining workstation, file server and email security.

Avira Endpoint Security

Secure your whole office and stick to your budget with this flexible bundle for PCs and file servers.

Avira Endpoint & Email Security

Free up your time, money and bandwidth: add cloud-powered email filtering to your endpoint protection.

Avira Business Security Suite

Ensure a successful security policy with Avira’s combined antivirus and antispam for PCs, file servers and Exchange.


Confidently safeguard your organization’s desktops and laptops—in the office and on the road.

Avira Professional Security

It really is possible to elevate the security of your workstations without cutting into productivity! Avira Professional Security runs silently in the background where it won’t disturb staff, while automatic updates and central management simplify administration.

Avira Free Mac Security

Eliminate Mac threats and crush any PC virus that can travel by Mac through your network.

File Servers

Shield your network’s central receiving and distributing points against security breaches.

Avira Server Security

Whether you are running a single, central file server or an entire distribution network, this centrally managed solution takes the headache out of network management. Avira Server Security scans files and archives in real time, eliminating malware long before it can disrupt workflow.