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An effective defense against malware adds unique value to your software and hardware products. So expand your services and increase your customers’ confidence in your solutions.

Integrating Avira security is a simple, cost-effective way to include proven anti-malware technology in your own products.

Free Your Profits

Offer premium services to your best customers at a great price.

  • Associate Avira’s reliability with your proposals to provide elite services and better quality, while increasing your profit margins.
  • Limit hardware usage and costs in large setups and cloud platforms by leveraging Avira’s high-performance technologies.
  • Offer more products and value-added services based on features and benefits you could not offer before.

Unleash Your Potential

Sell to new markets or customer segments.

  • From consumers to SMBs and enterprises; from desktop, laptop and mobile devices to servers and cloud services.
  • Start generating steady and recurrent revenues year by year through continuous security updates.
  • Gain prestige in the security industry, without having to become an anti-malware expert yourself.

Secure Your Business

Keep your customers satisfied and loyal.

  • Build on your current solutions; enjoy high scanning performance, impressive detection rates and extremely reliable technology.
  • Rely on our commitment to high standards of quality and business ethics as you build long-term customer retention plans.
  • Retain customers who would otherwise be attracted by competitors’ offers.
  • Designed for high throughput, performance and reliability
    SAVAPI (Secure AntiVirus Application Programming Interface) provides our customers with a fast and easy way to integrate the award-winning Avira engine with their own products and protect individual users and business networks from a wide range of malware.
  • Helps integrate security when standard antivirus products are not suitable
    SAVAPI is the interface to Avira‘s core technologies for integrations with software and hardware products (e.g. web services, mail and web gateways, security appliances, client/sever applications).
  • Multiple methods for flexible integration
    SAVAPI is available as a service/daemon–accessible via socket communication (TCP/IP or local socket)–or as a C library for direct integration.
  • Full multi-threading support
    SAVAPI offers thread-safe code allowing multi-threaded applications to integrate and use it safely. SAVAPI allows a large amount of threads (limitation only by the operating system and a maximum hardcoded limit) to be handled in parallel.
  • Low memory consumption
    At runtime, the signatures and the engine code are loaded into memory only once per process.
  • High performance, quick initialization and fast scanning
    SAVAPI has been designed for maximum initialization and scanning speed to avoid delays in systems with a high throughput.
  • Full Unicode support
    Asian, Russian and other non-Roman character encodings are fully compatible with SAVAPI.
  • Extremely reliable
    SAVAPI includes functionalities to increase reliability:
    • Internal integrity and validity checks of product binaries as well as the signatures and engine files
    • Supervisor process to monitor the SAVAPI process
    • Error recovery in various non-critical situations
  • Customizable update functionality
    The SAVAPI SDK includes the Avira Updater:
    • Smooth, reliable update process
    • Incremental update mechanism to decrease bandwidth usage
    • Separately updatable (product binaries and signatures/engine)
  • Innovative malware detection
    SAVAPI gives products access to the award-winning Avira engine, the core of malware detection and removal used in all Avira products. It provides protection against a wide array of malware, including viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware.
  • AHeAD (Advanced Heuristic Analysis and Detection) Technology
    Uses heuristic detection methods to prevent malware infections via websites or executables and macros in Office documents.
  • Cross-platform support
    • Microsoft Windows (XP or above)
    • Unix/Linux (with glibc 2.2)
    • Mac OS X v10.5 or above
    • FreeBSD v6.2
    • OpenBSD v3.9
    • Solaris SPARC-V9 or above
  • Natively supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms

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