Avira Endpoint & Email Security

Clean communications. Virus-free machines. Once and for all.

Managing network security can be one of the most challenging responsibilities in any organization. Every day, thousands of new threats join the parade of spam, viruses and bot-nets angling for business networks.

Battling malware can feel like a full-time job - until you find a solution that handles the task with ease. Avira Endpoint & Email Security not only consolidates workstation and server security under a convenient central management console, it delegates email filtering to the cloud. Suddenly, countless unwanted emails are off your network and your plate.

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This unique bundle is more than virus and spam detection: it’s an assurance of safety for your customers’ privacy, your employees’ hard work and your company’s reputation.

Best of all, you’ll save up to 30% compared to individual workstation, server and email security licenses.

  • Avira Endpoint Security

    Simple, solid protection for workstations and file servers

    There’s no reason to trade security for performance! Experience powerful protection that won’t weigh down your machines.

  • Avira Managed Email Security

    Hassle-free email protection, courtesy of the cloud

    Avira’s cloud email protection is both the most advanced and the most convenient way to protect your organization from the dangers of email viruses and the frustrations of spam.

  • Avira Professional Security

    Avira’s workstation solution is your first line of defense against viruses, phishing and spyware. No matter where they click, your employees’ PCs, laptops and netbooks are fully protected.

  • Nothing to install, configure or update

    Because the detection engine and quarantine are located on Avira’s servers, absolutely no on-site configuration or maintenance is required on your part!

  • Avira Server Security

    As the main repositories of critical customer and staff data, a server security breach is unthinkable. Add Avira protection to your servers and stay confident that your information hubs will remain clear and healthy.

  • Banish infected mail from your network.

    We filter the email traffic on our servers located throughout the world—at a safe distance from your network. Infected attachments, spam and other unwanted content are processed on Avira’s servers, not yours!

  • Avira Management Console (AMC)

    Improve your security posture by simplifying it! The AMC makes it possible to install, configure, update and monitor Avira software on all machines from a single point on the network.

  • Assure the continuity of your mail.

    If your company ever goes offline due to an internet service outage, Avira will store incoming mail for up to seven days or reroute your mail to another location.

  • Find out how it works.

    Learn more about Avira’s cloud email security solution here.

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Scope of License

  • A single license covers your entire network security solution
  • License periods: 1, 2 or 3 years*
  • Simple, per-user pricing structure (3-user minimum)
  • Free updates and upgrades during the license period
  • Free platform changes

Support and Documentation

  • Gold Support during business hours (German and English)
  • Extensive documentation available immediately after registration

Optional Services

  • Platinum Support: 24/7 support by phone and email

Choose a 3-year license and save up to 33%.
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