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Software Development Engineer - Distributed Systems

Position Summary

As a member of the Distributed Protection Systems and Research Team you will design and implement new security technologies. You constantly interact with an international team of open minded computer scientists located in Romania, Germany and The Netherlands to find the very best solutions to a diverse set of interesting problems. You evaluate requirements with other teams within the Avira Protection Labs in order to react to the newest malware trends when designing new products. 

Keys to hiring

Your ability to think out of the box and your strong will to pursue the right solution through extensive research inspires others and invigorates projects. Your independent solution finding skills are complemented by your ability to learn from others and your open-mindedness to open source solutions. With pride in your work and a sense of urgency to deliver the best possible solution, you persist to see your work completed in a product.

You have a degree in computer science, a solid understanding of analysis of algorithms, versatile programming skills and the ability to learn new languages within a short timeframe. Ideally you have prior experience with cloud computing, Linux, Python, a compiled language and Git. 

Performance objectives


  • Starting from day one you will familiarize yourself with the recently released Avira Protection Cloud, which protects millions of customers from malicious files. Within one month you understand the software- and hardware architecture of the system, so that you can start improving, deploying and operating the system.
  • In addition, within the first six months you will design, implement and launch version one of Avira’s cloud based URL protection service. The system will scale transparently for a very large user base, be cost effective and provide high performance, low maintenance and redundancy.
  • A year into the job you have connected Avira’s protection cloud services to provide market-leading online security to our millions of customers and stay ahead of competition by improving existing and developing future products.

If you are enthusiastic about broadening your technical expertise and have a desire to work in an environment that promotes creativity, research, innovation and fun, we look forward to hear from you!

Send us your resume at career@avira.ro.