New Avira Social
Network Protection

Supervision tools for parents with children who go online

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Endless Tweets, posts, status updates, pictures,
messages and comments – your kids are normal.

Avira Social Network Protection lets you monitor your child’s online behavior
from behind the scenes – without being totally lame while still being a cool parent

Be there
all the time

Avira Social Network Protection includes a convenient overview platform. Here all alerts, activities and new friends are compiled in a single, simple summary with the most significant events highlighted, color-coded, and then delivered to your inbox.

Macs, PCs, smartphones and tablets

Who are your child’s friends?

Automatically scan your child’s friends list for suspicious profiles. For example, receive an alert if your child is approached by someone not the right age or has nothing in common with your child.

Find out what’s going on

Review what your child does or says online and save it. Hopefully, you’ll never use it, but it's there if you ever need to grasp the context of an issue or provide documentation to authorities.

Avira Easy Install

Information that respects privacy

The Alerts Engine isn’t about snooping through your child’s conversations. It's about getting an alert the moment signs of cyber-bullying, racism, violence, drugs, alcohol, sex or references to suicide appear on your child’s Social Network.

Reputation protection

The Internet is forever and one racy photo can ruin a young person’s career before it even starts. To prevent that, the Photos Engine scans all photos of your child, regardless who posts them, and flags any potentially damaging photos.

Friends EngineTM

Tells you which of your child’s friends pose a risk, might be the wrong age or has nothing in common with your child

Activities EngineTM

Get a review of what your child does on Social Media

Alerts EngineTM

Get alerts when references to suicide, drugs, sex, violence, alcohol or cyber-bullying appear on your child’s social network

Photos EngineTM

Notifies you when your child or one of their friends posts a compromising photo


All alerts, activity and new friends are compiled into a convenient overview

Step One

Create an account or simply log in using a Facebook account.

Step Two

Connect to your children’s Social Network accounts. There is no limit.

Step Three

After a scan, you’ll get your first Social Network report via email.

Don’t take our word for it, hear what the reviewers have to say about Avira Social Network Protection.

Because Avira Social Network Protection is "specifically based on "exception reporting" technology, children can still use these networks with a feeling of privacy and independence."

Characterized as "one impressive monitoring tool", PC magazine gave Avira Social Network Protection 4.5 points out of 5.
- PC Magazine's Editor Choice