Secure Backup

Store your files online and access them from anywhere

Free Download | 5 GB

Backup, sync and share your media
and documents using an online cloud.

Easily access your files from any device, anywhere.

Multiple Devices

Any device

No longer do you have to worry about which file is on which device. Once uploaded to
Avira Secure Backup, your files, photos, videos and music can be accessed from any web browser-equipped device.

Free download | 5 GB

Mistakes happen

If you’ve ever lost a precious photo or hours of work due to a malfunction, then you know the frustration.

Say goodbye to the fear of losing important files, when you back them all up on a safe and secure cloud.

Free download | 5 GB
Backup files

Click. Drag. Done.

Upload, access or search for documents with a click or mark specific files for automatic backup. A straightforward web interface makes it effortless and even shows you how much storage you have available.

Free download | 5 GB
Easy sharing
Content Sharing

Ideal for sharing content

Whether you save your work online, are a world traveler or just love Social Media
you’ll enjoy the ability to easily share files and folders with whomever you want.

Free download | 5 GB


All files are password protected
and encrypted using our unique
multi-layer security system

Quickly find files

Use the online interface to
browse or search for files

500MB Per invite

Get an additional 500MB
for every new user you add

Safe Storage

All files are protected using our unique multi-layer security system


Works on Laptops, PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets

Automatic Backup

Folders automatically backup after each upload or edit

File Sharing

Effortlessly share files and folders

One-Click Upload

Add and access files in seconds

User Interface

Search browse and storage options at a glance