Avira Endpoint Security + Device Control: Together at unprecedented savings

Protect what comes in. Manage what goes out.

Take advantage of great savings on My Endpoint Protector when you purchase our popular PC/server security bundle. Put a stop to malware while preventing data loss through portable storage devices.

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Avira Endpoint Security

The day-to-day operation of any business depends on clean, secure PCs and file servers. Nowhere is it more important to choose a simple, intuitive, budget-friendly security solution than in your small business, where security needs to function 24/7 without relying on dedicated I.T. security staff.

Avira Endpoint Security gives your network the advantage of some of the industry’s best malware detection, without the costly add-ons that only matter to enterprise users. Conveniently managed from a central console, employee productivity is maintained thanks to security that won’t slow down workstations or weigh down servers.

+ My Endpoint Protector (Device Control)

Adding device control to any PC/server security solution is a great way to solidify the protection of your company’s network. My Endpoint Protector minimizes the risk of data loss, data theft and malware infections through USB flash drives, SD cards, cameras and other portable storage.

Centrally managed from its own web-based console, My Endpoint Protection requires no hardware or software. At all times, you’ll have an overview of device activity on your PCs and Macs. Enforced Encryption ensures that sensitive data is protected even if a device is lost.

Save up to 78% on My Endpoint Protector with your purchase of Avira Endpoint Security.
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Avira Endpoint Security

Centrally-managed malware protection for workstations and file servers

My Endpoint Protector

Data security for your company’s portable storage devices

  • Security as a Service
    Completely web-based; no software to install, update or maintain
  • Reporting and Analysis
    Convenient tracking of all device activity on PCs and Macs
  • Policy Enforcement
    Assists in compliance with government and industry benchmarks for data leakage prevention
  • TrustedDevices
    The Enforced Encryption feature ensures that only authorized portable device be used on your network. Device contents are also encrypted so that their sensitive contents are protected while in transit.
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Protector with our PC/server security bundle!
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