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Alias:Win32.Weird, W95.Weird
Damage:W95/Weird.10240.a creates various files.  
VDF Version:  

Technical DetailsW95/Weird.10240.a inserts a hidden process, opens an IP address and waits for instructions. This hidden process resembles other Client/ Server Trojans, as NetBus, Backdoor and BackOrifice.
When the infected file is opened, the virus creates a 10KB file in C:\WinDIR containing the virus code. The name of this file is based on the computer name of the infected system. This file contains the server application.
Then, the virus creates a copy of Explorer.exe in C:\WinDIR. This file has the same name, but another extension, as for example Explorer.3. This new file is infected and it replaces Explorer.exe using an entry in WININIT.INI. When Windows is restarted, the infected version of Explorer is activated.

Supplementary information, for Windows 2000 users only:
It looks like the virus can not infect Windows 2000 systems. It can not create the 10KB file in \Winnt. But it makes a virus copy of Explorer.exe in \Windows. It still makes the entry in WININIT.INI, which supposedly replaces Explorer.exe with the infected file when Windows restarts. But it does not happen and the WININIT.INI remains unchanged.
Die Beschreibung wurde erstellt von Crony Walker am Dienstag, 15. Juni 2004

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