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Date discovered:27/09/2012
In the wild:No
Reported Infections:Low to medium
Distribution Potential:Low
Damage Potential:Low
VDF version:
IVDF version:

 General Method of propagation:
   • No own spreading routine

   •  GData: Trojan.JS.Iframe.CCW

Platforms / OS:
   • Windows 2000
   • Windows XP
   • Windows 2003
   • Windows Vista
   • Windows Server 2008
   • Windows 7

 Miscellaneous Internet connection:
In order to check for its internet connection the following DNS server is contacted:
   • http://dr**********ir.com/rg-pxbridge.php?gq=Job+Listings&_px_=paVvB4Bf5c%23cha3fU1Wc%23cl1sBf5WJ

 File details Programming language:
 • JavaScript

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